Account Postings


The Code of Virginia requires every Commissioner of Accounts to post at the front door of the Circuit Court a list of the fiduciaries whose accounts are before her for settlement. The Code of Virginia provides an alternative method of posting such list on the public website of the locality served by the Court.  The accounts are posted monthly, typically during the first week of the month.

The list shall contain (i) the names of the fiduciaries; (ii) the nature of their accounts, whether as a personal representative, guardian, conservator, curator, committee, or trustee; and (iii) the name of their decedents or of the persons for whom they are guardians, conservators, curators, or committees or under whose deed or other trust instrument they are acting. 

While the Commissioner of Accounts is not required to post account posting lists on her website, she has elected to do so.  Account posting lists for the last twelve (12) months are posted below.