General Frequently Asked Questions



1. Why must I file with the Commissioner of Accounts Office?

The filing of an Inventory and Settlement of Accounts is mandated by the Virginia Code.  At the time of your qualification, you signed a fiduciary acknowledgment which, among other duties, sets out your obligation to file an Inventory and subsequent Settlement of Accounts on an annual basis.

2. What happens if I do not file the necessary Inventory and Account(s) on time?

The Commissioner of Accounts is charged with the supervision of all qualified fiduciaries.  If you fail to timely file the Inventory or Account, the Commissioner of Accounts has the statutory authority and obligation to pursue enforcement against the fiduciary for his/her failure to file the necessary paperwork.  At each stage of the enforcement process, there are associated monetary costs to the fiduciary.  Ultimately, a failure to file the Inventory or an Account could result in your removal as fiduciary and/or a bond forfeiture.

3. Do I have to use the forms referenced on this website or can I make up my own?

You must use the forms on the website.

4. Once I make a filing, how do I know if it was approved?

After your filing has been reviewed by an auditor and approved by the Commissioner, you will receive a notice of the approval by mail.

5. Will I get my original documents back once my filing is approved?

Yes, your original documents will be returned to you upon approval.

6. Who can see the filings I prepare and file with the Commissioner of Accounts Office?

Interested persons can review the information you file with the Commissioner of Accounts Office.  Once a filing is approved, it is a public document which can reviewed by the general public at the Clerk’s Office.  See our Access to Files and Copy Policy for further details.

7. How do I get released from my surety bond?

You will be released from your surety bond upon approval of your final account if no exceptions are filed within 15 days of the approval. You may also petition the Court for release from your surety bond under certain circumstances. Our office recommends that you consult with a lawyer for assistance with Court procedures, as we are unable to provide legal advice.

8. What’s New?

The Honorable Christopher J. Falcon is the new Clerk of Court for the Fairfax County Circuit Court, effective January 1, 2024.  This website will be updated where needed once the pertinent form letters are provided by the Clerk’s Office.  The Clerk’s Office address and phone number remain the same.

The Fairfax Commissioner of Accounts Office is pleased to announce the appointment of Jennifer B. Baumgartner as our new Deputy Commissioner, effective April 1, 2024.

The Fairfax Commissioner of Accounts Office is now accepting ACH direct debit and credit cards for payments.  Fiduciaries wishing to pay electronically may email their request to [email protected], and the office will reply within 3 business days providing you with a link to pay.  Checks are still being accepted, if preferred.