Inventory Reminder List


Due Dates:

  • File your Inventory within 4 months of your qualification date when filing on a decedent’s estate, conservatorship or guardianship for a minor.
  • File your Inventory within 4 months after the later of qualification or first funding of the trust when filing on a testamentary trust, minor’s trust under court supervision or special needs trust.

For All Inventory Filings:

  • Include your filing fee (and delinquent fees, if required) when you submit your Inventory.
  • Sign (do not print) your name on the Inventory in the box labeled “Certificate of Accuracy and Completeness…”
  • Include the last four digits of the account number for any financial accounts listed on the Inventory. Include required asset details for any stock, bond, IRA or mutual fund account listed on the Inventory. Assets in a brokerage account must be listed individually. (See instructions for required asset details for each account type).

For Conservatorships Only:

  • List only Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, Veterans Affairs and Black Lung benefit payments in Part 7 of the Inventory. List all other payments in Part 8. The reported total values in Part 7 and Part 8 should be the annual totals.

For Decedent Estates Only:

  • File an Affidavit of Notice with the Circuit Court Probate office and list all legal heirs and beneficiaries of assets valued at more than $5,000 on the form.
  • List each specific bequest item from the Will in Part 1 of the Inventory or, if an item was lost, disposed of, sold, or distributed to the named beneficiary prior to the decedent’s death, indicate this in a letter or on the Inventory.
  • List only jointly owned bank and credit union accounts (checking, savings, CD’s or money market accounts) in Part 2 of the Inventory. Insurance policies, 401K, and IRA accounts with named beneficiaries are non-probate assets that do not need to be listed on the Inventory.
  • If there is no Will, or if the Will does not expressly give you power of sale over real estate in Virginia, that real estate should be listed in Part 4 of the Inventory. Look for a reference to Code Section §64.2-105 (formerly §64.1-57) for power of sale over real estate.