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At the initial probate meeting, the Probate clerk will prepare a List of Heirs of the decedent, for the fiduciary’s signature. The Probate clerk will solicit the information needed to complete the form from the prospective fiduciary.  Generally, the Clerk can determine the proper information if the fiduciary has name, age, address and relationship information for the decedent’s nearest living relatives, including any living children, and any grandchildren surviving a deceased child. The heirs-at-law are those persons who would inherit from the decedent if the decedent died without a will. These persons are determined pursuant to Virginia’s statutes of descents and distribution.1  The form will be completed, signed and filed in the clerk’s office as a part of the initial probate appointment.  If new information is discovered after qualification, an amended List of Heirs must be filed with the Clerk’s Office.


1  Va. Code Ann. §§ 64.2-200 to 64.2-206.



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