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Guardian Administration Final Account

The final account of a fiduciary is subject to special scrutiny. First, the fiduciary must distribute all of the remaining assets of the minor. The account must show a zero balance on hand. Second, any distributions to the minor or his estate must conform to any requirements by the court and to statutory authorization. When the minor has achieved the age of majority, all assets must be distributed to the minor. The commissioner will also require that the minor execute an affidavit of receipt of the assets as set forth below.

Former Minor’s Affidavit

The commissioner requires that, upon final distribution of the assets of a guardianship to the former minor who has achieved the age of majority, the beneficiary must execute an Affidavit before a notary public.  The Affidavit is verification that the former minor has turned 18 years of age and has received the funds that the fiduciary oversaw.   The guardian must file this form with any final account.  A form of the Affidavit that the former minor must sign is available at the Forms Task Bar.



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