Copy Policy

Requests for Copies

             The Commissioner’s Office receives a number of different documents in connection with the inventories and accounts filed with this office.  The inventory and account forms, together with the attached schedules, are public documents after the Commissioner has approved the filing and sent the original documents to the Court.  Members of the general public may obtain copies of approved filings from the Commissioner’s office, upon payment of the costs set forth below.  Until the Commissioner approves the filings, neither the forms nor the supporting documents are available to the general public.

             Interested parties, including fiduciaries, beneficiaries, heirs, bonding companies, claimants, and their attorneys, may review filings and related correspondence prior to the Commissioner approving the documents.  Attorneys may be required to show proof of their representation of an interested party.  Interested parties may obtain copies of the unapproved filings and attached schedules, upon payment of the costs set forth below.   Interested parties are permitted to inspect supporting documents in the Commissioner’s office; however, copies of such supporting documents are available only upon the prior approval of the Commissioner, which may be withheld in his discretion.

             Members of the general public are not permitted to review or copy the supporting documents that are filed with an inventory or account.  No person, whether an interested party or a member of the general public, may review or copy working papers and notes of the Commissioner and his staff.

             The person requesting the copies shall pay a fee of $0.50 per page for all copies, without regard to the manner in which copies may be delivered. 

             Virginia Code § 64.2-1303 provides that a personal representative filing an inventory or account with the Commissioner shall send a copy of that filing, excluding the supporting documents, to any heir or beneficiary who requests the same from the personal representative in writing.  Prior to seeking copies from the Commissioner’s office, an interested party should make such a request of the personal representative.  If such a request is made, please send a copy of the request to the Commissioner’s office.

            After the commissioner of accounts completes work on an account, the commissioner files it and a report approving the account in the clerk's office. An interested party may make written request to receive a copy of the report to the commissioner, who will mail the report on or before the date that it is filed in the clerk's office.



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