Professional Assistance

The Commissioner of Accounts Office audits the inventory and account forms that fiduciaries are required to file in proper format and sufficiently documented. 

This office is not charged with or staffed for guiding an individual fiduciary through their duties in administering an estate or providing legal or tax advice.

If you need assistance beyond the resource material provided by the Probate Office and this website, you may need to consult with an estate attorney and/or tax professional to assist you.  The commissioner may not provide legal or tax advice to a fiduciary.

Fiduciaries are encouraged to seek assistance from attorneys, accountants, bank or trust companies, investment advisors, brokers and any other advisors who can help with the administration of the estate. The costs of such services are a proper administrative cost to the estate.  (Please see the special rules section on the fiduciary compensation schedule for further details regarding fees paid to professionals.)

The responsibility for competent and proper administration rests upon the fiduciary. The fiduciary may avoid costly errors by seeking the guidance of a professional advisor early in the probate process.

The links below are provided to help you find professional assistance.  It is strongly suggested that you seek a professional who specializes in Trust and Estate and/or Conservatorship and Guardianship matters. 

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Virginia State Bar Association – Find a Lawyer

Virginia Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

Virginia Society of CPAs